About Us

About the Company

Creating a Bacon Jerky company has been a distraction for us since inception. We aren't near smart enough to count the number of conversations, text messages, late nights, emails, trial and error that it took to get that first shipment finally delivered into our hands. At that virgin moment of utter excitement, the smell from opening that first seal and and the exhilaration of holding that first slice meant absolutely nothing when compared to seeing a giant child-like grin spring onto the face of the first person to take a taste.

When you take your first bite, we reminisce because we've been there. Eyes widen as the corners of your mouth rise into a smile; you begin to chew faster, and as you hastily slide your hand back into the bag for seconds, we fade into the background and begin to smile. 

That is what we live for. Some companies care about money, some about fame, some to satisfy ego. GoBacon is here to make you smile (and lick your fingers!).


About the Team

Who creates a Bacon Jerky company? This may come as a surprise, but this is a team of regular Joes who challenge the status quo, make people smile and...wait for it…eat bacon, lots of juicy, delicious bacon. Some say you are what you eat, so let’s get to know us through our product. 

This could mean that we have a tiny bit of fat, always leave a big mess in our wake and attract unsavory neighbors.  But we prefer a different interpretation: highly desirable, irresistibly attractive and the only thing worth waking up to on a Saturday morning. Ok, ok, fine. Maybe we just wish to be described this way. 

We just love bacon!  And we hope that you enjoy GoBacon as much as we enjoy sharing it with you!

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