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Keto Bacon Jerky Snack

DOUBLE UP on this delicious keto friendly maple bacon goodness (although two bags may not be enough). Not to brag, but we captured the perfect flavor of bacon breakfast sweetness! 

What else is there to say?  It really does speak for itself.  We literally have to lock it up at the office, because otherwise the team here will eat it all and we are left with zero inventory to ship to you.  We're only writing content here because Joe Schmoe in Marketing told us we needed to try to sell people on this stuff.  So, here we go...

We understand that finding healthy snacks with a proper balance of fats, proteins and carbohydrates can be daunting.  GoBacon makes it easy for you with our all natural, small batch, handcrafted bacon jerky snacks packed with the nutrients you need. And to make it even better, it tastes amazing!  No offense to anyone, but this isn't your regular dry, tough jerky...its soft and moist and full of flavor.  We'll tell you right up front that it's not embarrassing at all if you lick the inside of the bag once the bacon is gone, it's completely socially acceptable and considered proper etiquette, so go ahead and get after it! (just assume nobody is watching). 

Healthy Nutrition

GoBacon is free from added Nitrates, Nitrites and preservatives. Our keto friendly MAPLE bacon flavor is gluten free.  It has 30% less fat than traditionally prepared bacon (but don't worry KETO lovers, still a healthy amount of fat and proteins).

It truly is the perfect formula for when you're adventuring in the great outdoors and doing whatever else you claim to do on social media.  How do you like them words, Joe?

See for yourself what all of the fuss is about.  Order our keto maple bacon jerky double pack today!